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Physical Therapist or Teacher?

I recently had a patient that had been suffering with lower back pain for about 5 years and it started while he was doing a workout one morning. The workout involved kettlebell swings and he felt a pop in his back toward the end of the workout.

Fast forward 5 years later, and he still has back pain. He’s tried physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture and even took up yoga in the quest to fix his back pain. None of these things worked so he decided to come in and give our methods a chance.

He showed up with a pretty classic presentation for back pain. Poor hip mobility, underactive posterior chain and really bad posture.

We completed our evaluation and decided on a plan. First, we did a few hip and low back joint mobilization exercises.

We spent the rest of the time putting together a plan of what this individual needed to do everyday in order to fix his back pain permanently. We literally spent over an hour piecing together 3 exercises that I wanted him to do religiously as well as some simple changes he needed to make to his everyday movement patterns.

So how did he do? Well I just got a text from him about a week ago that said he was able to sleep through the night and is virtually pain-free consistently for the first time in 5 years!

We get a chance to help individuals like this all the time and in many cases help them get out of chronic pain permanently.

So why did this guy able to finally see some actual improvement after so many other failed attempts? The answer is that no one was teaching him, they were all just trying to fix him.

There are 168 hours in a week. Even if you went to see a physical therapist 3 times per week (the standard physical therapy prescription in many cases) that’s still 165 hours of the week that you are on your own.

What are you doing in those 165 hours? Are you prioritizing sleep correctly to help with healing? Are you eating the right things and staying hydrated? Are you doing corrective exercises and mobility work? Are you getting out of bad positions as much as possible during the work day? Are you rounding your back every time you pick anything up off the ground?

Resolving long lasting and chronic problems comes down to compliance from you! It’s my job to teach you what you need to know and persuade you well enough to actually do it.

If you’re dealing with a chronic issue and are sick of being in pain or avoiding certain activities, it doesn’t have to be that way. We see patients from all over the Charlotte area just like you and they get better.

They run 10k races again, they play with their kids or grandkids without throwing their back out, they compete in local CrossFit competitions and they wake up in the morning without feeling like they have been hit by a truck.

At Movement Physical Therapy and Spine we may be physical therapists but more than anything we are teachers. You have to learn how to take care of yourself. You have to be empowered with the right information to make huge long lasting changes.

If you’re in Charlotte area and are ready to find a true solution to your pain click one of the links below so we can teach you all you need to know to live a long, healthy, pain-free life!

~ Dr. Dallin Page


Dr. Dallin Page

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