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Why Movement Physical Therapy and Spine

A Different Medical Experience

We were founded to give you a better experience than what the current medical system can offer!

Care From A McKenzie Method Expert

Dr. Page created a proven, effective, unique program of treatment & the Mckenzie Method lies at the heart of it! Get individualized care that you won't even get from other Mckenzie Therapists!

Prescribed Movement As Medicine

We believe in using the most minimally invasive approach possible. Heal without pharmaceuticals, injections, or surgery!

Never Double Booked

​You'll never be double booked or passed between different providers. You'll have the undivided attention of your physical therapist. Finally, one on one care by a provider that knows you, every time!

Guaranteed Availability

​Don't wait for weeks or months to be seen ever again!

No Expensive Imaging Needed

We diagnose you through simple, yet highly specialized, movement tests!

At The End Of The First Appointment You Will Have...

1. Diagnosis

A diagnosis of what's causing your problem and a clearly defined plan to fully resolve your pain and restore normal activity.

2. Direction

One to two simple, personalized techniques you can begin using at home right away!

3. Vision

The confidence to start getting your life back!

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Movement Physical Therapy and Spine in Huntersville, NC

51+ 5-Star Reviews!

- Yvette B.


“Working with Dr. Page has made a tremendous difference in my healing and recovery. Patients being taught how to self care is rare in today’s society, but that is exactly what Dr. Page does. Dr. Page listens to all my feedback, is patient, and takes my concerns into consideration. He is knowledgeable & experienced. My son and I have both experienced relief from tight fascia and stubborn muscle tension. If you want help with pain, stiffness, and limited mobility I recommend Dr. Page.”

- Clay S.


“I have seen a handful of different physical therapists, sports massage therapists, chiropractors, and an acupuncturist for different sports injuries including back, hip, and knee pain. Dr. Dallin has provided by far the best treatment of anyone I have visited. He gives undivided 1on1 treatment for the entire visit, and he provides you with customized solutions and exercises that treat the root issue of your pain. I truly feel like he is on my team, listens to me, and provides me with the exercises that I need to feel better. I highly recommend him!”

- Rebecca M.


“Dr. Page is a true find! Not possible to exaggerate how hard that is to discover in the healthcare world.
He takes personalized time to find the root cause and work with you on all levels to resolve the problem. I’ve had terrible sciatica all my life. And at 56 finally found the root cause. His knowledge, personal attention, easy manner and scheduling flexibility are unsurpassed.
Being active and flexible at all ages is vital and he shares that goal and will make it happen with you for your goals in life.”

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